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Welcome to the NEW has been updated and is now running on the same software that is used by Wikipedia and thousands of other "wiki" sites on the internet. Wikis are a special type of website that allow and encourage users to make changes, which increases and improves the information on the site.

My goal for is to be a place where people can find information on Apple II (and related) computers, expansion cards, peripherals, and software all in one place, without having to search the internet and gather bits & pieces to find out how to use the Apple II things that they obtain.

Most of the pages that are listed, but empty (red links), are items that I plan on putting up as soon as I can get all of the information together. I've also added a couple of pages that are missing information I hope someone has and will contribute. Check out the What's New link in the sidebar to the left to see what's been added.

The entire site can be viewed by anybody, but to edit or add pages you need to register. Registration is free and easy - we only require a username, password, and a valid email address. The email address is needed for account confirmation to prevent robots from creating accounts and adding pages full of spam postings. It will never be given or sold to anybody else.

Please view the Help page for some editing guidelines specific to

If you are unfamiliar with editing a wiki or using the Wikitext markups and codes, you can find help at Editing Help.

Please send any questions, comments, requests, etc. to Dave atGmail.x.png.

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