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This page contains links to other Apple II related web sites. If you have any information on sites listed in the Not Currently Available section, let me know. Please email me at Gmail.x.png if something needs changed, or better yet, register and edit it yourself. :)


News & Information Sites

These sites have Apple II news, information, links, message boards, classified ads, etc. Some of them have files to download.

1MHz (Carrington Vanston) -

A free Apple II podcast originating from Toronto, Canada. Also available on iTunes.

1000BiT -

This site has a large collection of manuals, advertisements, brochures, and other information on 8-bit computers, including the Apple II. Available in English and Italian.

8-Bit Sound and Fury (Simon Williams) -

Possibly the only place on the internet devoted exclusively creating music on the 8-bit Apple II computers. Lots of information and downloads for making music on 8-bit Apple II's including sofware, hardware, documentation, and audio files.

A2 Central (Sean Fahey) -

A2Central is an online Apple II User Group with news related to the Apple II, a directory of developers working on Apple II hardware and software projects, links to other sites, and more. Efforts are underway to make significant additions to the services and content offered.

A2-Web -

Billing itself as "The Mother of All Apple II Web Sites," this large site is loaded with links to and information on Apple II hardware, software, and vendor sites, emulators, message boards, classified ads, faqs, and more. A2-Web is also home to the Apple II WebRing.

Aaron Pulver's Apple II Page -

Information on books about the Apple II, photos of hardware, and IIgs software written by Aaron available for downloading.

Adventureland (Stefan Meier) -

While not geared specifically to the Apple II, this site has descriptions and box scans of adventure type games published for the Apple II and other platforms. Mirrored at (Scott Alfter) -

This site contains a complete archive of the Apple Assembly Line newsletter, and software that Scott has written for the //e and IIgs and released under the GPL. (Tony Diaz) -

A site full of Apple II information, FAQs, history, pictures of Apple II related hardware, and more. Home to the Marinetti Open Source Project, a TCP/IP stack for the Apple IIgs. (Dave Touvell) -

Now a wiki that anyone can edit, this site highlights various pieces of Apple II hardware and software. It's mission is to have all of the information on various pieces of Apple II hardware and software in one place.

Apple 2 Stuff (Paul Shlyter) -

Collection of Apple II assembly language information. Includes S-C Assembler disks, manuals and source code, along with the 'Apple Asembly Lines' newsletter archive.

Applefritter (Tom Owad) -

Nice site with information and pictures of Apple II computers, clones, and peripherals, as well as discussion forums. There are also sections of the site devoted to the Apple I and vintage Macs.

Apple II Bits (Ken Gagne) -

An Apple II blog by the editor and publisher of Juiced GS and co-host of the Open Apple podcast.

Apple II Computers on the Net (Vincent Hancock) -

Links to various Apple II stuff on the net.

Apple II FAQs -

A collection of FAQs dealing with the Apple II.

Apple II Online Reference (Tony Diaz) -

An online technical reference for Apple II hardware and software, and a wiki version of the original comp.sys.apple2 newsgroup FAQ.

Apple II WWW Resources (Marek Kozubal) -

A site listing lots of links to Apple II related WWW, FTP, and Gopher sites. Many of these links are dead, but some still work.

Apple Vault (Kevin Greene) -

Home of the Apple Documentation Preservation Project, a growing archive of Apple II hardware and software documentation. Also home of the AppleVault Wiki.

Bruce Baker's Home Page -

Has links to pictures from several Kfest's.

Eamon Adventurer's Guild Online (Matthew Clark) -

A comprehensive information source and archive for Eamon adventures, the classic text adventure games that began in the early 80's.

GS World View (Charles T. 'Dr. Tom' Turley) -

"The Online Journal of Apple II Computing." An e-zine with lots of IIgs information and a large file archive.

Hardware Pages -

Lots of hardware information, scans of cards, drivers, more.

II Computing (Rubywand) -

Lots of up to date Apple II information and links. Home of the HTML version of the Apple II FAQ.

KansasFest Information Page -

Information on KansasFest, the yearly gathering of Apple II enthusiasts in Kansas City.

Knut Roll-Lund's Apple 2 Page -

Information on Knut's Apple II and how to build his Apple IIe RGB to CGA interface. (Andy Molloy) -

Here's where you'll find an on-line Apple II Programmer's Reference, a brief list of Applesoft, Integer Basic, DOS 3.3, and ProDOS commands with descriptions. Andy also has an Apple Computer Reading List, giving information on books covering the history Apple Computer.

Livejournal Apple II Community -

A community for fans of the Apple ][.

LJSilicon's Treasure Chest (Rudy Guy) -

Software and HyperCard/HyperStudio stacks written by Rudy Guy.

Mac GUI City (David Finnigan) -

A large collection of Apple II (and Mac) software is available in the Mac GUI Vault, as well as a knowledge base, an index of peripheral cards, and Usenet newsgroup discussions.

Mainly Neat Stuff (Phil Beesley) -

Information on obscure Apple II and early Mac hardware and software plus manuals and marketing materials. Also has an 'Apple IIe Card for the Macintosh LC FAQ' section.

Neil Parker's Apple II Page -

Apple II hardware and software information.

Novation Apple-Cat ][ -

Information on the Novation Apple-Cat ][ modem and a large library of programs written to take advantage of it.

Open Apple (Ken Gagne) -

The first and only co-hosted podcast dedicated to the Apple II. New episodes are published monthly. Also available on itunes.

Terence J. Boldt's Apple II Site -

On this site you will find information about Terence's ProDOS ROM Drive project, and other Apple II hardware and software projects and Tech Notes.

Terry Allen's Home of the Apple II -

Apple II manual and magazine reprints, The boycott BBS, and some other information.

The Unofficial Home Page of Eamon Games (Fredrik Ekman) -

Information on the Eamon text adventures. Over 200 adventures archived.

Vectronic's Apple World -

While not exclusively Apple II, this site has quite a bit of Apple II information, history, and articles.

VintageWare (formerly Roger's Apple II Site) (Roger Johnstone) -

Various Apple II information. How to make a IIgs RGB to SCART video cable, IIc monitor manual on-line, software by Roger and others. Information on the ALS CP/M card. Roger has also recently developed an adapter for connecting a modern PS/2 mouse to the Apple II or older Macintosh.

Wikipedia -

This free online encyclopedia has a growing Apple II section.

Apple II Publications

These sites have information on and archives of Apple II publications. Some allow downloading of software featured in the publication.

Apple Assembly Lines Archive (Bob Sander-Cederlof) -

Bob Sander-Cederlof, author of the S-C Macro Assembler and publisher of the Apple Assembly Line newsletter, has made all of the issues and source code available. -

While not specifically aimed at the Apple II, this site contains the full text of several books such as the Best of Creative Computing books, the Basic Computer Games books, Creating Adventure Games On Your Computer, Computer Controller Cookbook and more.

Call A.P.P.L.E. -

The Call A.P.P.L.E. magazine and book collections are being offered on DVD.

Classic Computer Magazine Archive -

Full-text archives of classic computer magazines such as Creative Computing and Compute.

Juiced GS -

Juiced GS is a quarterly print journal focusing on the Apple IIgs. Edited and published by Ken Gagne, with articles contributed by many in the Apple II community.

Nibble Magazine for the Apple II (Mike Harvey) -

Nibble was the leading Apple II software magazine during the 80's and now the entire 12 1/2 years of issues is available on DVD/CD. Along with it are libraries of Nibble Mac and more than 20 volumes of Nibble software books. You'll find some interesting history of the magazine and publisher too... it's worth a visit. Recently, Mike has added a number of disk images of Nibble software available as free downloads.

Shareware Solutions II -

Joe Kohn published the Shareware Solutions II newsletter from July 1993 to July 1999. He has since passed away and the Kohn estate has kindly given permission for these magazines to be reproduced, in order that Joe’s legacy to the Apple II world can live on.

Apple II History Websites

These sites are geared mainly toward the history of the Apple II.

Apple Archives -

Apple Archives has mirrors of Apple II and 68K Macintosh related sites that have went down and would otherwise no longer be available, and has links to current sites.

Apple Computer, The Early Days (Paul Laughton) -

A personal perspective from a programmer in the early days of the Apple.

Apple II History (Steven Weyhrich) -

A very comprehensive online Apple II museum that tells the history of Apple II hardware and software. Lots of pictures and some song parodies.

Apple-History.Com (Glen Sanford) -

An Apple history site that covers all Apple computers from the Apple I to the current Macs and iOS devices.

Apple II Text Files -

A large collection of text files about the Apple II from the 80's & 90's. This site also has an archive of many Computist magazines at: There is a mirror of the site at (The mirror does not have the Comptist files.)

Beagle Bros Online Museum (Steven Franks) -

A "tribute to the coolest software company of the 80's." A history of the company and product list, frequently asked questions, and much more.

DigiBarn Computer Museum -

A virtual museum showcasing many early computers, including the Apple II. A PDF version of the Woz Wonderbook, a compilation of notes from Steve Wozniak's filing cabinet that served as the first documentation and technical support manual for the Apple II computer before the more famous "Red Book"is available for download here.

GUIdebook's Apple II User Interfaces -

The Graphical User Interface Gallery includes an article discussing the history of Apple II User Interfaces, as well as screen shots of MouseDesk/DeskTop and GS/OS.

Working At Apple (Rick Auricchio) -

Rick recounts his time working on the Apple //e ROMS and shares some photos of an early //e prototype. -

The web site of Steve Wozniak, the inventor of the Apple computer.

Apple II File Archives

These sites are archives of Apple II files. They may be in Shrink-It! format for use on real Apple II hardware or in one of the various disk image formats. Some of them are being actively updated. Also check the Emulation page for sites with disk images for use with emulators.

Apple Support Area -

Apple's official support site. Free downloads of IIGS System Software 6.0.1, HyperCard GS, and some other software.

Asimov FTP Site -

The largest and best known collection of disk images and other files for the Apple II on the net.

Chebucto Community Net -

Software for the Apple II and IIgs, with descriptions.

EmuAsylum's Apple II Archives -

Over 3000 disk archives of Apple II programs for use with emulators.

Ground Apple II Archive -

The Original Ground FTP site at the University of Iowa appears to be gone. Link above is to a mirror at

TFF Enterprises Apple Software Archive -

Formerly the CalTech Apple II Archives, this second largest archive of Apple II public domain and shareware on-line is administered by Daniel M. Zimmerman. An HTTP mirror is at

The Treasure Chest Project (Willie Yeo) -

Dedicated to getting commercial Apple II software reclassified as freeware.

GNO Apple II Archive -

Formerly the Trenco Apple II Archive, Devin Reade's Apple II archive site is undergoing a major renovation and reorganization. Files are also available via ftp at This site is also the home to GNO, a Unix-like operating system for the IIgs.

The UM Apple II Archives -

The University of Michigan Apple II archive site. This site is "in hibernation" and hasn't been maintained recently, but contains many files related to the Apple II for download. The site is mirrored at

What Is The IIgs (Alex Lee) -

This site dedicated to preservation of the Apple IIGS has sections dedicated to applications, games, educational software, hardware, and publications. Here you can find Apple IIGS applications, manuals, and other information to download. The site is updated regularly.

Apple II Software & Developer Websites

These sites contain software from various Apple II developers and software companies. Many of these sites contain popular commercial programs that the authors have now generously made available for free or as low-cost shareware. Others are home to software currently being developed for the Apple II or utilities for manipulating Apple II files on modern computers. Some of the commercial sites have the history of the company and other interesting information on them.

ADTPro (Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS) (David Schmidt) -

Apple Disk Transfer ProDOS (ADTPro) transfers diskettes and disk images between Apple II-era computers and modern computers. There is a host (server) component that runs on today's computers with Java, and an Apple (client) component that runs on any Apple II or Apple /// compatible computer with at least 64k of memory. The computers may be connected through serial ports, Ethernet (using an Uthernet or LANceGS ethernet card), or the Apple's cassette ports. The latest version also allows a disk image on the modern machine to be used as a virtual hard drive on the Apple.

Andrew's Hobbies: Apple II (Andrew Roughan) -

Andrew's finished and unfinished projects. He has also made John MacLean's materials available for download here.

Andy McFadden's Apple II Software -

Software written by Andy McFadden, some with source. Includes NuLib file utilities, HardPressed system-level on-the-fly data compression, and various other utilities. Andy has also posted an article on early copy protection techniques for Apple II cassette tapes. For Andy's excellent open-source disk image manipulation utility for Windows, CiderPress, go to the FaddenSoft site at (

Apple 2 Forever -

This new site has the Erie Apple Crunchers Disk Of the Month disk images available for downloading.

Apple ][ Games -

A wiki dedicated to archiving the games of the Apple II.

Apple II Games Museum -

Screenshots, box scans, and memories of many Apple II games.

AppleCommander -

A tool for manipulating Apple II disk images that is written in Java, allowing it to run on many platforms.

Beagle Bros Software Repository -

An archive of Beagle Bros software, manuals, and catalogs.

Bret Victor's IIgs Software -

IIgs software written by Bret Victor.

Brutal Deluxe Software -

Software from a small group of programmers in France that produces games and development tools. They recently released Cadius, a command line program for Windows to manipulate Apple II disk images. Source code for their programs and archives of French software and documentation is also available on the site. Also home to an extensive archive of early Apple II software extracted from cassette tapes.

Bob Bishop's Home Page -

Bob Bishop wrote the "Apple-Vision" program on the DOS 3.3 System Master, as well other games for the Apple II and magazine articles. Click on the little "Apple-Vision" screen located about midway down the page for Bob's Apple II software and articles.

cc65 -

cc65 is a complete cross development package for 65(C)02 systems, including a powerful macro assembler, a C compiler, linker, librarian and several other tools.

Contiki Operating System -

Contiki is an open source, highly portable, networked, multi-tasking operating system for memory-constrained systems. The Apple II version can also be downloaded from the a2RetroSystems site.

DAR Systems International (Eric Seiden) -

Some history of the company and downloads of their Apple II adventure games and ProLine BBS software, Eric has made these previously commercial programs available for free now.

Dave Tribby's Apple II Page -

Dave Tribby's programs for the Apple II.

Disk2FDI (Vincent & Sonia Joguin) -

Disk2FDI is a utility that can read Apple II disks on a PC and save them as disk image files.

DiskMaker 8 (Mark Percival) -

An Apple II utility for converting software on disk images back to physical media. Based on Eric 'Sheppy' Shepherd's DiskMaker, DiskMaker 8 brings the ease of use and functionality of Sheppy's Apple IIgs program to the 8-bit Apple II world.

FishWings (Charlie Danemark) -

Fishwings is a file viewing and management utility for manipulating Apple II disk images on a PC.

FPGApple (Alex Freed) -

Information on the FPGApple, Alex Freed's Apple II clone on an FPGA board. Alex has also created an Apple ][ "Pseudo-Disk" card that not only lets you use an MMC/SD card as a ProDOS drive, but also emulates a Disk II interface to support DOS 3.3 and self-booting software at the hardware level.

Geoff's Home Page (Geoff W) -

Has some freeware written by Geoff for the Apple II, and a few links. Instructions for making modern web browsers running on UNIX, PC, and Mac systems aware of the Apple II file types are on his Web Browser Download Modification Page for Apple II.

Free Tools Association -

Awesome IIgs utilities and demos from the famous group of programmers in France. Home to the ActiveGS emulator.

grw Systems (George R. Wilde) -

Home to UtilityWorks (integrated set of utilities) and UtilityLaunch (program selector/launcher) for the IIgs. The software and documentation are available for download here.

Huibert Aalbers' Software -

Software from Huibert Aalbers: Jigsaw!, Laser Force, & SoundSmith.

Kitchen Sink Software (Eric Bush) -

Collection of Kitchen Sink Software, now available for free.

Kreative Korporation (Jon Relay) -

Home to several Apple II programs, including ProDOS File Navigator. Also includes a collection of technical information about the Apple II, including I/O memory, zero page, ProDOS file types, and graphics modes.

Laz's Apple ][ Pages -

Lazarus I. Long's Apple II software, programs to work with Apple II disk images and graphics, an Apple II font for the Mac, programming information (including the infamous Beagle Bros Peeks, Pokes, and Pointers chart), and the soon to be released Apple DOS File System (ADFS), which lets you do all sorts of neat things with Apple II disk images on a Mac.

Michael J Mahon's Home Page -

Information on the NadaNet/AppleCrate Project, which has 8 Apple II computers networked for parallel computing through the built-in serial I/O ports . You can also download Michael's Sound Editor 2.2, which achieves excellent sound quality on 8-bit Apple II's. His latest project is DMS Drummer: A Percussion Sequencer for the Apple II.

Mike Willegal's Apple II Pages -

Mike offers kits and parts for several vintage Apple projects, including an Apple 1 replica, PS/2 keyboard adapter, and an the Brain Board, an improved firmware card that will transform your Apple II into a operating facsimile of an original Apple 1. He's also developed a camera shutter tester add-on card for the Apple II series of computers, and has posted both the schematics and software online. There are also some notes on restoring Apple II's.

Moose O'Malley's Software Valley (Moose O'Malley) -

Click on the "Apple ][ Emulation" link to access Moose's Apple II page.

Morgan Davis Group -

A brief history of the Morgan Davis Group and Morgan's Apple II programs, including ProLine BBS, MD-BASIC, ModemWorks, Object Module Manger, VirusMD and RADE. The programs are now offered as freeware.

Ninja Force -

Programs and demos for the Apple IIgs from a group of programmers in Germany.

Penguin Software/Polarware (Mark Pelczarski) -

History of Penguin Software/Polarware and documentation for some of their games.

Richard Bennett-Forrest -

Information and software from the developer of the Marinetti TCP/IP stack for the IIGS.

Rolf Braun's IIgs Software -

(Formerly Sassy Software) The Sassy Software site is gone, But Rolf's freeware for the IIgs is still available here.

Ron's Software Page (Ron Kneusel) -

Various programs written by Ron, including DSK2FILE, NIB2FILE, QForth, Mult, and Trax. Also his "Incredilble 6502 Page" full of tutorials, language summary, links, etc.

Shawn Behrens' Apple IIgs Page -

IIgs programs for Orca Shell & GNO, C programming utilities, Orca/C bug lists.

SheppyWare Online -

Eric Shepherd's freeware and shareware for the Apple II and IIgs.

Stephan's Retrocomputing Site (Stephan Süberkrüb) -

Information on several Apple II emulators and adventure games.

Stephane's Apple II IDE Interface Project (Stephane Guillard) -

Details of an IDE hard drive interface for the Apple II. Appears to be last updated in 2001.

Ultima Web Archive -

Has clues, walkthroughs, maps, and other goodies pertaining to the Ultima series of games.

Apple II User Groups Websites

These are the sites of Apple II user groups. They may have newsletter, Apple II information, links, message boards, etc. Many of them have files to download.

Call A.P.P.L.E. -

Apple Pugetsound Program Library Exchange site. Newsletter archives, A.P.P.L.E. Crate BBS, file library. Some areas are only available to members. The Call A.P.P.L.E. magazine and book collections are being offered on DVD.

Polk Apple Core -

User group information page and The Tropical Bytes BBS (which doesn't appear to be functional.)

Washington Apple Pi -

User group site with some Apple II history and links.

Apple II Newsgroups and Mail Lists

LEM Apple2List -

An Apple II email list sponsored by Low End Mac for discussion of all Apple II's, the Apple I and Apple ///. The link above is to the information page for the list. The list is now on Google Groups. Messages can be viewed at but you must be registered (free) to post.

Mail List for Blind Apple II Users -

A mailing list has been created by Jayson Smith for blind users of Apple II computers to share their memories, talk about emulation or ask questions. Some people do still have real Apples with Echo or Doubletalk speech synthesizers. If anybody wishes to join, just send a message to and confirm your intent to subscribe.

Here's a list of Usenet newsgroups that carry Apple II related content. If your news server doesn't carry them, try Google Groups.


Messages related to emulation of the Apple II on various platforms.


The main discussion group for everything Apple II. The most active of the Apple II newsgroups.


Discussions about data communications on the Apple II.


The place to buy, sell or trade Apple II stuff.


Messages related to programming Apple II computers.


Messages about Apple II user groups.


Another newsgroup dealing with Apple II emulators.


Discussions about Apple II emulators that run on PC's.

Apple II Vendors

Yes, there are still a few people out there selling Apple II hardware and software. New ethernet cards, RAM cards, IDE hard drive interfaces, and Compact Flash drives have been developed since the Apple II was discontinued. Software and used hardware are also available.

a2RetroSystems -

Home of the "Uther Apple II Ethernet Card." Currently this card is supported by the Contiki operating system, but a Marinetti driver is under development. The Apple II version of the Contiki OS can also be downloaded from the a2RetroSystems site.

B&R Computer Services -

"No Apple or Macintosh is too old for us." Carries used Apple II hardware, software, and books.

Briel Computers (Vince Briel) -

Official home of Vince Briel's "replica 1," a fully functional clone of the Apple 1 computer made with modern parts. The replica 1 comes as assembled ready for you to add your own TV/Monitor, PC keyboard and power supply or as a kit. The site also has some Apple 1 software to download and kits for other accessories.

CFFA CompactFlash / IDE Interface for Apple II Computers -

Rich has developed and is selling a third generation CompactFlash/IDE interface card for the Apple II, as well as the CFFA1 card for the Apple1/Replica1 and Obtronix Apple1 clones of the Apple I.

Digital Dinos -

Sells vintage computer products, including products for the Apple II.

EGO Systems -

They're out of the Apple II business but for some reason their web site is still up.

SEPA Electronics (Bill Garber) -

SEPA designs and builds custom PCB's for Apple II, II+, IIe, and IIgs. There is also a large collection of Apple II information for download.

ReactiveMicro -

The ReactiveMicro store is on hiatus and not accepting orders, but there is a wealth of technical information on various II and IIGS hardware.

Kula Software -

Mike sells a variety of Apple II software, books, and magazines related to the Apple II.

Procyon Enterprises -

They've left the Apple II business, but there's still some information about their products on this page.

RC Systems -

RC Systems is still selling their DoubleTalk speech synthesis card for the Apple II+, //e, and IIgs.

Speccie's Home Page (Ewen Wannop) -

Home to the Spectrum Telecommunications program for the Apple IIgs. This comprehensive program features powerful scripting capabilities and supports TCP/IP using the Marinetti TCP/IP tool. Programs for off-line usage of the A2-Central forums (SOAR), POP3/SMTP email (SAM), and FTP transfers (SAFE) through Spectrum are also available on the site.

Syndicomm (Eric Shepherd) -

Syndicomm still sells some Apple II operating systems, books, programming tools, and other software.

Non-English Apple II Sites

Apple II sites in languages other than English. Many have English documentation and downloads. If you don't speak the language, try an online translator like Google Translate or Bablefish. If you know of any sites that should be here, email the link and a brief description to me at .


Apple //c .dsk Archive -

Steph & Gist's site with quite a few Apple II disk images in .dsk format. Also has some documentation (in French.) This site also has a large list of Apple II emulators at and information on the Apple 1 and Apple 1 emulators at

Apple IIgs Info -

A large collection of Apple II manuals, many of them in English.

Underground //e (Jean-Marc Boutillon) -

This personal homepage of a French Apple II collector has technical docs and software programmed by the French "underground" scene. Most of the contect is in French, but some of the documents are in English, and there are some scanned articles from US magazines.


1000BiT -

This site has a large collection of manuals, advertisements, brochures, and other information on 8-bit computers, including the Apple II. Available in English and Italian.


Apple II World -

Apple II information and photos.

Apple II Emulation Sites

These sites deal with emulation of the Apple II on various other computers. Here you will find links to sites with emulators, archives of disk images for use with emulators, and "on-line" emulators that will let you run Apple II programs in your web browser. For more software that can be used with emulators, check the File Archive and Software & Developers pages. Utilities for working with Apple II file archives and disk images are listed on the Software & Developers page.

A2 Oasis -

A2 Oasis is a shareware Apple II emulator that includes emulation of a Z/80 card for running Apple CP/M programs.

ActiveGS (Free Tools Association) -

ActiveGS is an Apple IIGS emulator in an ActiveX control that can be used to let you run Apple II software on a web site. There is also a stand-alone version available, as well as version for iOS devices.

Apple IIGS Explorer (Matt Portune) -

A complete web-based GS emulation experience. Integrates FTA's ActiveGS ActiveX control with a large IIGS software library to let you run IIGS programs in a web browser. Now using the latest version of ActiveGS, which supports multiple browsers on both Windows and Mac OS X.

AppleWin (Tom Charlesworth) -

AppleWin is an excellent open-source Apple ][, ][+, and //e emulator that runs under Windows that is being actively developed. Supports Mockingboard/Phasor sound cards, hard drives, and the Uthernet Apple II ethernet card. Has an easy user interface for setting options, and mounting disks.

Catakig (Colin Klipsch) -

Catakig is an Apple II emulator supporting the Apple ][, ][+, //e, and //c models. The current version (2.00b4) runs on PowerPC Macintoshes under MacOS X 10.3 and later, and on Intel Macs under MacOS X 10.4 and later. Catakig is an open-source project.

JACE (Brendan Robert) -

Enhanced Apple //e emulator written in Java 6 that has been tested on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Includes emulation of the AE RamFactor (up to 16MB) and Mockingboard.

KEGS (Kent Dickey) -

KEGS (Kent's Emulated GS) is a great open-source Apple IIGS emulator for Windows, Mac OS/X, and Linux/Unix/X11. This is the code that many other IIGS emulators are based on.

OpenEmulator (Marc Ressl) -

OpenEmulator runs on Macs and aims to be an accurate, portable emulator of legacy computer systems by using a software components framework to make it easy to expand a software emulation with additional software devices, just as a real system could be expanded with real devices.

P84Ever (Vasil Minkov) -

P84Ever is an Apple ][ emulator, distributed as a Web browser applet and a mobile device midlet.

REAPPLE2 (Stephane Valliant) -

A new Apple II+ emulator for Linux.

Sara -

Sara is a free Apple /// emulator that runs under Mac OS X.

Virtual Apple 2 -

Play over 1100 Apple II and IIgs games on-line. This site uses an ActiveX port of the Kegs Apple IIgs emulator and requires Windows and Internet Explorer. This site is now being hosted by Call A.P.P.L.E. after the original site went down.

Virtual ][ (Gerard Putter) -

A slick shareware Apple ][, ][+, and //e emulator that has ImageWriter II Printer emulation which "prints" to a PDF file. Runs on PowerPC and Intel Macintoshes running OS/X.

The XGS Archive -

An archive of 'abandoned' IIgs software in .2mg disk image format for the XGS and other emulators. Has brief descriptions of the files. The original site is gone, but the folks at have created this mirror with most of the information from the original site.

Not Currently Available

The following sites were not available the last couple of times that I checked. I don't know if they are temporarily down, have changed URLs, or are gone for good. If you have any information on any of these sites, please email me atGmail.x.png.

A2THINGS (Jorge Chamorro Bieling) -

Information on Jorge's Apple II VGA video card project, converting a //c+ power supply for use with 240 volts, and scans of books & manuals.

A2Unplugged (Ryan Suenaga ) -

A2Unplugged is the world’s first Apple II Podcast, hosted by long-time Apple II writer, editor, and programmer Ryan Suenaga. Sadly, Ryan has passed away.

Aaron Heiss's Home Page -

This site includes an Introduction to the Apple II, Software by Aaron, Assembly Language Resources, and the complete set of Apple Technotes and Filetype Notes in HTML and Apple II-formats.

Apple2Forever (Thierry Bauvoi) -

A site full of Apple II documentation, software, and history. Wiki (Gabriel Morales) -

The Apple II Beginner's Guide has been converted to a Wiki, where anybody can add and edit information. The beginner's information is still there, as well as information on emulators and Apple II software & hardware.

Apple Auctions -

Listings of Apple II related eBay auctions, by variuos categories.

Apple Blossom Publishing (Steve Cavanaugh) -

Home of the Apple Blossom newsletter and Hyper Quarterly disks. Also has a HyperCard IIGS FAQ, some hard-to-find software for download, and other Apple II information. It appears to have been last updated in September 2000.

Apple Crunch Game Collection -

Several disks with 8 classic Apple II games on a standard 140K disk. Screenshots of the games are at (Moved here 28-October-2006)

Apple // Emulator Resources Guide (Alex Maddison) -

FAQ about Apple II emulators for various platforms. Last updated in 1998. (Moved here 24-July-2005)

Apple II Clones -

Lots of information about Apple 2 Clones, including photos, disk images, documentation, tips & tricks, and a forum.

Apple II Expansion Card Photo Gallery (Brian Davis) -

Photos of nearly 200 expansion cards for the Apple II.

Apple II Haven (Tony Harris) -

A database of information on Apple II hardware and software. (Moved here 24-July-2005)

Apple II Schematics -

High resolution .tif graphics files of Apple II schematics. (Moved here 24-July-2005)

Apple II Sound and Music Resources (Simon Williams) -

Home to Timelord, a drum machine/sequencer, as well as support files for several Apple II sound and speech cards.

Apple //c Stuff for Windows -

Chris Morrison's Apple //c themes, screensavers, wallpaper, etc. for Windows. OK, it's not really Apple software, but it's Apple II related, right?

Apple IIgs Links (Mike McGovern) -

A large list of Apple II related links. Last updated in 2001.

Articles and Free Software Reviews (Gareth Jones) -

Reviews and links to free programs for the Apple II and IIgs.

Bernie ][ The Rescue -

A great shareware Apple IIGS emulator for Power Macs. Has advanced features such as clipboard sharing with the Mac OS and "drag & drop" file copying between the Mac and Apple II environments.

The BoycoT Web Site (Terry Olsen) -

The BoycoT BBS was a telnet BBS that ran on a real Apple IIgs hooked up to a Windows box using a BBS gateway program written by the sysop, Terry Olsen. The BBS is down for the time being, but the gateway software, a diagram of the cable used to connect the machines, and documentation for the METAL BBS in Word format are available for downloading here.

]Call -151 (Lucas Scharenbroich) -

Formerly the IIgs Haufbrauhaus, this site is the home of Generic Tile Engine, a graphics programming library for development of games on the IIgs, and a IIgs port of Super Mario Bros that uses it.

Chris, Mark, & Terry's Apple ][ Home Page (Chris Duke, Mark Fischer, Terry McCurdy) -

Three guy's tribute to the Apple II. Links to websites, software, and newsgroups. Some history of Apple II cracking. Note: I've received reports of problems loading this page with some browsers. If you're having trouble, try, which bypasses the cool "Apple ][ boot" intro screens.

Clairemont High School's Room 110 (Louis Cornelio) -

Apple II's are still being put to good use in schools with this "trailing edge" computer lab. (Moved here 24-July-2005)

Computer Circulation Center (Alltech Electronics) -

Sells the SiriusRAM 4MB and 8MB RAM cards for the IIgs, the FOCUSDrive //e and IIgs hard drive cards, and various other expansion cards for the Apple II.

Cosmic Wolf Apple //e Site (Chris Morse) -

Has Applesoft and Monitor Quick-References and some other information. Coming soon is an Apple II related telnet BBS being written by Chris. (Moved here 24-January-2006)

Creative Soulutions -

Offers hardware, software, and repairs of Apple2, Macintosh, Laser, and Franklin computers.

Dan Webster's Apple IIGS Page (Dan Webster) -

Links to WWW and FTP sites. Some demos for the IIgs. (Moved here 24-January-2006)

EmuAsylum's Apple II Archives -

Over 3000 disk archives of Apple II programs for use with emulators.

The Ghost of So What Software -

They're back from the dead and giving everything away for free.

Glenn Jones' Apple II Site -

Information on Glenn's Apple II software and hardware projects, including "Ethel," an A2 ethernet card. (Moved here 24-July-2005)

Infocom Archive -

A site with all of the Infocom text adventures. These are stored in Z-code, and interpreters are available on the site for several platforms, including the Apple II.

Intrec Software -

Publishers of ProTERM A2, an Apple II telecom program.

Jeff Robertson's Apple II Page -

A page of annotated Apple II links. Last updated in 1998, but still some useful information.

Jonathan G. Lampe's Apple IIe Pages -

Look for information on Bard's Tale, Seven Cities of Gold, and the ApplePC emulator under the "Gaming > Apple 2" menu.

Kelvin Sherlock's Site -

Software for the IIgs written by Kelvin, as well as patches for Orca/C and Orca/Pascal.

Keppel's Klassics (Mike Keppel) -

Information on several Apple II models, as well as many other classic computers.

Kim Howe's Apple IIGS Programs -

Programs by Kim Howe for the Apple IIGS: Arachnid web browser, Telnet NDA, Yahtzee NDA, and Ship Wrecked!

Ned Ludd's Musical Apple ][ -

A site dedicated to "the noble pursuit of creating music on the 8-bit Apple ][ computer."

Network From Heck - or

Adventures in networking Apple IIs, Macs, and PCs and other writings from Pilgrimer.

Nitrozone 5 Apple II Collection -

Information and photos of some Apple II hardware and downloads of some programs and manuals.

Odessa Entertainment -

Online magazines dealing with the Apple IIgs and music. A large list of Apple II links.

Pete's Apple II Page (Pete Handel) -

Apple II links, resources, and rumors. Last updated in 1999. (Moved here 16-Jun-04)

Planet Mirror - or or

A site which mirrors many FTP sites. The Asimov site is mirrored at: /pub/apple2/. The Apple Support site is mirrored at /pub/apple/. These are also available at

Rebel Alliance ][ -

An Apple II news and message board site.

The Robot Odyssey Resource -

Information on the Robot Odyssey game for the Apple II.

SarahSoft (Sarah Shepherd) -

Sarah's first shareware program is GS ROM Grabber, which lets you save a copy of your Apple IIGS ROM for use in emulators.

Software & More -

A "mom & pop" store dealing in Apple II hardware and software.

///SSH Systeme -

The German company that developed and sells the LANceGS ethernet card for the IIgs, as well as several IDE hard drive controller cards.

Sun Remarketing -

Sells vintage Apple II and Mac hardware and parts.

TelBBS (Jeff Ledger) -

This site is dedicated to bringing back 80's style BBS systems running on 8-bit machines using the Internet. While not specific to the Apple II, there is information on setting up Apple II BBS's here.

Tom's Ultima Page -

Dedicated to the Ultima series of role-playing games. -

The Apple II section of this site lists some Apple II computers, accessories, books, and software for sale.

Wayne Stewart's Manuals -

Wayne's iDisk full of apple II manuals and information is gone, but this site has some of his manuals and information about the Sider hard drive. (Moved here 28-October-2006)

Whale Watch! HyperStudio Stack (Colin Williamson) -

A HyperStudio stack adventure that was started by a 12-year-old and finished 15 years later.

White Rabbit -

Mirrors of several Apple II file archives - Asimov in /pub/apple2/, etc.

Winnipeg Apple Users Group -

Information on the group and links to Apple II related sites. (Moved here 13-Jan-04)

Wizardry -

Information on the Wizardry series of role-playing games.
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